Hemispherical analyser
Using a new deflector concept, this novel analyser can measure electrons in a full cone of 30 degrees opening angle. This new analyser is patent pending and opens up for band mapping of the full surface Brillouin zone without the need to rotate the sample.

A major advantage of the MCP/CCD and spin detection combination is that the parallel angular detection can be used to ensure that the spin-resolved measurement is performed at the desired point in k-space. In the previous analysers, this has been acheived by first recording a parallel ARPES spectrum with the MCP/CCD detector and then, without tilting the sample, recording a spin-resolved spectrum for the center of that spectrum.

With the new analyser concept deflectors have been added. This can be used to record spin-resolved spectra for all points of the recorded ARPES spectrum. Different lines can of course be combined to cover the whole plane in θx-E-space.

The Scienta Omicron 2D / 3D VLEED detector offer features world leading Sherman function and Reflectivity specifications to maximize detection efficiency and benefit of the DA30-L deflection mode during spin measurements.

Key features

  • 30° degrees full cone acceptance without sample rotation
  • Spin-resolved MDC without sample rotation
  • Patented (WO2013/133739)
  • Improved ky accuracy (resolution better than 0.1º)
  • Time saving (electronic deflection is faster than rotation)
  • Matrix element effects are avoided by keeping sample fixed
  • Manipulator requirements are reduced
  • Ensures same spot for all k//

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