ConvecTorr Gauge Tube

The Agilent ConvecTorr Gauge Tube is the ideal choice where accuracy is paramount and also when rapid, repetitive pumpdowns from atmospheric pressure are the norm. The ConvecTorr Gauge Tube offers continuous and repeatable pressure indications at temperatures from 0 °C to 50 °C. The tube has been optimized for convection cooling, resulting in superior readings at higher pressures.

The ConvecTorr Gauge Simulator provides a way to calibrate and set the zero setting on a ConvecTorr gauge controller. It may be set to simulate either 1 atmosphere or <10-4 torr.

Key features

  • Not affected by system vibration
  • Suited to rapid, repetitive pumpdowns
  • Electric connector locking bayonet
  • Dependable design
  • Superior readings at higher pressures


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