Micro-Ion® ATM modular vacuum pressure transducers (atmosphere to 10-9 Torr) with optional set point relays
The Granville-Phillips® 390 Micro-Ion® module combines proven Micro-Ion® ionization gauge technology with a miniature Conductron® heat loss sensor and two Piezo resistive sensors to provide accurate, continuous pressure measurement from high vacuum to atmosphere.

Using its diaphragm sensors, this product is capable of providing accurate absolute pressure up to atmosphere along with precise indication of vacuum chamber differential pressure from ambient.

Key features

  • Continuous pressure measurement from 10-9 Torr to atmosphere
  • Precision differential pressure measurement at atmosphere
  • Dual ionization gauge filaments increase equipment uptime
  • Optional set point relays for process control
  • Analog, RS-485 or DeviceNet™ output
  • Optional graphical LCD display

Unique Sensor Design

Traditionally, accurate measurement across a wide vacuum range required multiple sensors, multiple vacuum system ports, associated cables and electronics. The unique Micro-Ion® ATM sensor design eliminates thermal effects that can influence the performance of the heat loss sensor at higher pressures. The Micro-Ion™ ATM module combines multiple sensors in one microprocessor-based design, reducing overall cost of ownership, while enhancing vacuum measurement performance.

Analog Output and Digital Interface

The full range pressure measurement is output as a single analog signal or available through optional serial RS-485 or DeviceNet™ digital interfaces. The RS-485 interface allows for communications between the module and host controller, and for module configuration. The DeviceNet™ interface provides high speed access to pressure measurement and easy configuration of gauge parameters. The RS-485 and DeviceNet™ versions have up to three optional set point relays that can be configured for process control, with the ability to assign the relays at any pressure across the vacuum pressure range or to a specific differential pressure value.

Compact Design

One Micro-Ion™ gauge, a heat-loss sensor with a barometric diaphragm sensor, an absolute presure diaphragm, and control electronics are all housed in a compact, modular package.

Field-Replaceable Gauge Assembly

The vacuum gauge assembly can be quickly and easily replaced in the field using only a screwdriver after removal from the vacuum system.



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