Micro-Ion® hot cathode vacuum pressure transducers (to 10-9 Torr) with optional local display
The MKS Micro-Ion® Transducer combines the world’s smallest ionization gauge with the control electronics to create a compact, convenient, reliable, and cost-saving solution for many high vacuum applications. This Micro-Ion® vacuum gauge includes many features that provide for a much more accurate and repeatable measurement than traditional Bayard-Alpert gauges from 5 x 10-2 Torr to 10-9 Torr.

Key features

  • Vacuum pressure measurement to 10-9 Torr
  • Dual filaments increase equipment uptime
  • Optional local display aids in setup and diagnostics
  • Ultra-clean construction allows rapid response during pump down
  • Rugged, all-metal, RF and noise-immune module is CE compliant
  • Compact, convenient, reliable, cost-saving vacuum measurement

Dual Filaments

Dual, burn-out resistant yttria-coated iridium filaments provide long gauge life. Unscheduled downtime is avoided by using the second filament as a back-up until the gauge can be replaced during regular maintenance procedures.

Ultra-Clean Construction

Micro-Ion gauges are designed, constructed, and processed to minimize outgassing. All components are vacuum fired and assembled in a Class 100 cleanroom environment. This assures rapid, repeatable response during vacuum chamber pumpdown.

Analog Output Version

The basic transducer version provides an easy-to-use analog output signal that is linear with the logarithm of the pressure. An optional large green LED display provides point-of-use pressure indication.

Digital Interface Version

Transducers are available with an RS-485 or DeviceNet interface for easy compatibility with computer controlled processes. The digital interface versions have a set point relay allowing for control of other vacuum equipment or to provide a safety interlock.

Replacement Gauge

355 Micro-Ion® hot cathode vacuum transducers features a unique, no tools required detachable vacuum gauge.  Please see 355 Micro-Ion® Hot-cathode Bayard-Alpert Vacuum Sensors for more information

Cooler Operation

At only 8% of the power consumption of a glass or nude gauge, the Micro-Ion gauge generates much less heat, minimizing the disruption to a process or experiment.



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