Preventive maintenance

Extends product life and helps maintain performance
It is well known that vacuum and analysis equipment benefit from regular maintenance. Still, this task is easy to forget or down-prioritise when there is a lot to do. Lack of care can become a costly affair, so it is well worth the effort to maintain your instruments.

In many cases, preventive maintenance can be performed by the end user, but we are happy to help if and when needed. Included measures depend on the equipment to be serviced. Contact us for more detailed information and pricing levels for your equipment.

Among the instruments that we routinely service are

  • vacuum pumps (several types)
  • ultra microtomes (RMC Boeckeler)
  • rotary microtomes (RMC Boeckeler)
  • spectrometers (MKS Instruments)
  • leak detectors (Agilent)
  • coating systems (Quorum)

Some instruments may need to be sent back to the manufacturer to be serviced. If that is the case you will be notified well in advance. You can always contact us for information on what applies to your equipment.

Please note that no service measures will begin before we receive a filled-out copy of the Health and Safety form (see Related documents below).

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