Freeze-substitution system
A freeze substitution system with a large volume substitution chamber. Samples are slowly and gently dehydrated in a solvent solution, then embedded in resin blocks for room temperature sectioning.

The FS8500 is a free standing, caster wheel mounted, system with a large, stainless steel worktop mounted to its 50 liter low-loss LN2 Dewar. The temperature controlled substitution chamber is conveniently located in the center of the worktop for easy access. The chamber is provided with a viewing port/cover, which is removed to gain access into the substitution workspace. As it is removed, the ventilation system is automatically turned on to extract fumes and the chamber internal illumination is turned on.

Key features

  • a low-loss 50 liter LN2 Dewar
  • stainless steel work table
  • computer
  • Large Top-access Substitution Chamber with built-in illumination
  • exhaust fan
  • removable cover
  • Universal Specimen Holder Cup
  • Inverted Polymerization Holder Cup
  • Transfer Tool (400920)
  • UV Polymerization Lamp