CDG-500 Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge

Active Gauges
The Agilent CDG-500 series of temperature compensated Capacitance Diaphragm gauges provides a high level of accuracy in the high-pressure region. Full-scale measurement ranges are available from 1000 Torr to 1 Torr. The CDG-500 series uses a corrosion resistant ultra pure alumina ceramic diaphragm providing exceptional signal stability, fast recovery from atmosphere, short warm-up times and unparalleled robustness.

Agilent Vacuum Active Gauges integrate the gauge and controller in a single, compact package. These are ideal for embedded OEM and industrial systems where a control computer or PLC handles the display/control functions for one or several gauges. The user provides input power (typically 24V) and reads pressure output via PC or PLC. A variety of set point interface features are available to automate your system.

Key features

  • Full scale ranges from 1 to 1000 Torr with push button zeroing and optional set point control
  • Excellent long term signal stability and repeatability deliver long term performance comparable to heated versions
  • Fast recovery from atmospheric pressures and rapid stabilization after start-up reduces process cycle times
  • Corrosion resistant ceramic sensor with sensor shielding protection


KRISTIAN FLODSTRÖM Product specialist Vacuum technology 010-155 03 11

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