Low cost absolute Piezo vacuum transducers (0.1 to 1000 Torr)

Key features

  • Low cost transducer with 0.1 to 1000 Torr measurement range
  • Solid state Piezo sensor resistant to damage from air inrush and vibrations
  • Robust design and stainless steel construction for harsh processes
  • Gas independent pressure measurement for accurate pressure measurement
  • Compact system design with integrated electronics and sensor in one unit
  • Mountable in any orientation for ease of installation

Piezo Absolute Pressure Transducer

The Series 902B Piezo transducer is based on a silicon piezo resistive pressure sensor that measures absolute vacuum pressure with an accuracy of ±1% of Reading (from 10-1000 Torr). The sensor is robust and resistant to mechanical vibration and g-forces. Furthermore, the sensor technology makes the transducer gas type independent. With only stainless steel 316 exposed to the process gas, the transducer can be used in many demanding applications.

Digital and Analog Interfaces

The 902B is available with an RS232 or RS485 digital communication interface for setup of transducer parameters and to provide real time pressure measurement. In addition, the 902B has a 16 bit analog pressure output that can be interfaced to external analog equipment for pressure readout or close loop control. The standard output is linear from 0-10 VDC, but other outputs are also available.

Process Control Relays

The 902B has up to three mechanical relays which can be used for process control, for example interlocking isolation valves and vacuum pumps. The SPDT relays include both normally open and close contacts and can be set to energize above or below a set point trip value. Many applications require continuous surveillance of system pressure and warning of atypical pressure levels. The flexible relay options of the 902B can provide warning to external safety logic in cases of abnormal pressure and loss of power

Compact Design

The compact design of the 902B significantly reduces the amount of space occupied by the transducer. This is particularly appealing to system designers and allows design of compact systems or equipment. The 902B is also available in a 9 pin version, offering backward compatibility with the first generation 902.

Optional Integrated Touch-screen Display

The optional integrated touch-screen display is user configurable; the user can change pressure units, orientation and has access to set point parameters as well as gas type. The display also indicates the status of the available set point relays. Displayed pressure reading from individual sensors or combined reading can be seen from >5 meters away on the high contrast display.

PDR900 Power Supply & Display

The PDR900 power supply and readout unit is a stand alone, single channel controller for use with the Series 900 digital vacuum transducers. It can be used as a stand-alone power supply readout unit or as a tool for configuration, calibration and diagnostics of system integrated transducers in OEM applications.

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