Stabil-Ion® vacuum gauge controllers
The Granville-Phillips® 370 Stabil-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller is a rack-mounted controller providing unmatched ionization gauge performance for the all-metal 370 Stabil-Ion® Gauge, delivering the long-term performance of a spinning rotor gauge at a fraction of the cost using calibration on a chip.

Key features

  • Noise-immune, all-metal, rack-mount controller for Stabil-Ion® & Convectron gauges
  • Bright, easy-to-read, flicker-free, 3-line, green LED display
  • Digital display in Torr, Millibar, or Pascal
  • Up to six process control set point relays are available
  • RS-232, RS-485 or IEEE-488 interface allows easy integration
  • Wide Measurement Range: Designed specifically for the Stabil-Ion and Convectron Gauges, the StabilIon Controller monitors vacuum system performance continuously from 2×10-11 Torr to 999 Torr.
  • Simple Modular Design: Allows you to add just the functions you want to control your vacuum measurement system. Field replaceable option boards allow for easy upgrading as your needs change.
  • Process Control Options: Up to six process control set point relays are available to control other vacuum equipment such as valves, pumps, timers, and safety interlocks. Settings are adjustable and are stored in nonvolatile memory.
  • Computer Interface Options: RS-232, RS-485 or IEEE-488 interface allows easy integration with computercontrolled systems.
  • 3-Line Digital Display: Bright, easy-to-read, flicker-free, green LED displays allow the user to monitor the Stabil-Ion Gauge and both Convectron Gauge pressure readings at a single glance.
  • Memory Module for the Stabil-Ion Gauge: Each Stabil-Ion Gauge is individually calibrated and supplied with a memory module matched to its own calibration data. If you replace a Stabil-Ion Gauge on your system, you also replace the memory module supplied with the new gauge to achieve immediate system calibration.
  • Digital Electrometer with Liquid Crystal Display for Setup: Permits easy programming of operating parameters and calibration data, and displays the parameter value readouts.
  • Dual Stabil-Ion Gauge Operation: Sequentially operates two gauges.
  • Analog Output: All Series 370 controller configurations provide a log linear analog output.

Control Stabil-Ion® Vacuum Pressure Gauges

The Stabil-Ion Vacuum Gauge and Controller combine the latest technology in ionization gauges and control electronics, giving you the most reliable and accurate vacuum pressure measurements for your systems and research. Every Stabil-Ion Gauge is individually calibrated at 15 pressure values and supplied with a memory module matched to its own calibration data. This provides gauge-to-gauge reproducibility which is essential for process replication.





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