347 Stabil-Ion

Vacuum Transducers
The stability, accuracy, and reliability of the Granville-Phillips® 347 Stabil-Ion® Vacuum Gauge are the results of many years of testing and design. Stabil-Ion gauges are the only high vacuum process control gauge that do not change calibration over time. These compact, convenient and reliable vacuum transducers mount the controller electronics directly on the gauge.

Key features

  • Absolute measurement from 10-10 to 0.02 Torr
  • Superior Stabil-Ion® Gauge performance in a compact package
  • Dual gauge filaments that increase equipment uptime
  • All metal design that eliminates glass and provides high immunity to RF
  • Modular design that allows for quick and easy gauge replacement

Patented Stabil-Ion® Gauge Design

Its patented design is based on a number of enhancements including tensioned filaments, a precision-wound stress-relieved grid, and electrostatic shields. These enhancements result in an ionization gauge that is superior to all other designs in terms of accuracy, repeatability, and gauge-to-gauge reproducibility. The high measurement performance and rugged design of the Stabil-Ion gauge make it the gauge of choice for critical vacuum processes.

Rugged Stainless Steel Enclosure

The stainless steel enclosure prevents grid and filament damage during mounting and eliminates the risk of glass breakage.

Tensioned Filaments

The Filaments are tensioned so they stay precisely positioned to maintain calibration.

Electrostatic Shields

Electrostatic shields completely surround the electrode structure to provide a stable, accuracy enhancing electrical environment.

Precision-Wound, Stress-Relieved Grid

The Precision-wound, stress-relieved grid retains its original shape even after high-temperature degassing, thus reducing measurement errors.

Vacuum Fired Components

The Stabil-Ion gauge is designed, constructed, and processed to minimize outgassing. The gauge is never touched by bare hands during manufacturing.

Choice of Range and Dual Filaments

Available as extended range or ultra-high vacuum with burn-out resistant yttria-coated iridium filaments. Unscheduled down time is avoided by using the second filament as a back-up until the gauge can be replaced during the next routine maintenance cycle.



KRISTIAN FLODSTRÖM Product specialist Vacuum technology 010-155 03 11