Vacuum gauge controller for simultaneous or independent operation of multiple gauges
The XGS-600 gauge controller allows for simultaneous or independent operation of up to 12 gauges and can display readings for up to 8 gauges at any time. Standard features include 8 collector set points and 8 contact relays. All settings are stored in flash memory, so you do not have to spend time reprogramming after a power outage.

The XGS-600 gauge controller can operate convection gauges, hot filament ion gauges, cold cathode gauges, and all Agilent active gauges. Up to six cards can be installed in the XGS-600 controller, in almost any combination to suit your application.

Key features

  • Simple user interface
  • Intuitive screen functions
  • Capacity, flexibility, expandability
  • Compact design with standard half rack package
  • Operates 1 to 12 gauges at a time and can display readings for up to 8 gauges
  • Ideal for laboratory use, accelerators, synchrotrons, OEM equipment, and other large facilities
  • Capable of expansion and reconfiguration in the field
  • Analog outputs available for each gauge
  • Serial interface available and all data stored in flash nonvolatile memory requiring no battery




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