TETRAXE configuration example
In this example a manually actuated TETRAXE with 250mm stroke and +/-15mm X & Y motion has been combined with  a service collar and magnetically-coupled rotary feedthrough to provide rotation of a shaft.

X&Y Motion

  • Manually actuated +/- 15mm X & Y travel.

Z Translation

  • Manually actuated 250mm Z translation.


  • Manual +/- 2 degree tilt integrated in to the mounting flange.

Service Collar

  • Providing feedthroughs for power, thermocouple, cooling and biasing.

TTX Key Features

  • TETRAXE provides the perfect platform to build complex manipulators
  • CF40, CF63 & CF100 flange options
  • Z translation to 300mm
  • X&Y manipulation up to +/-15mm


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