Pressure Input Modules

Our pressure input modules provide a compact and high density solution for integrating MKS pressure devices with the MKS Automation Platform PAC or CM modules. Pressure Input Modules support 15 pin analog baratrons, transducers, convectrons, pirani’s, piezos, and more! The Pressure Module has a direct 1:1 pin mapping of the pressure devices, so connected pressure devices are fully powered and controlled through the Pressure slice. Each Pressure Module supports integrating 4 MKS pressure devices.

Key features

  • Supports 15-pin analog Baratron, Convectron, Pirani & Piezo transducers
  • Direct 1:1 pin mapping of pressure devices
  • Supports integration of 4 MKS pressure measurement devices

MKS Automation Platform

These modules are part of the MKS Automation Platform that provides a modular, scalable and configurable solution to meet your automation and control requirements. Designed to provide a complete automation solution to improve operational and productivity efficiencies, the Automation Platform enables faster implementations, provides lowest total cost of ownership, and improves utilization of existing tools and assets.