Stand-alone, single channel controller for use with 900 Series digital vacuum transducers

Key features

  • Easy to read 5 digit LED LED and LCD menu displays
  • Three high power setpoint relays for process control
  • Auto setup features plug and play functionality
  • Leak detection tool for system diagnostics
  • Data logging tool for process monitoring
  • Simplified setup and configuration of transducer parameters

Menu Driven User Interface

The controller’s menu-driven user interface provides easy access to the digital transducer settings via push button controls on the front panel. The alpha numeric LCD display features a green back-lit screen that is easily visible in low light conditions. The 5-digit LED display provides a clear readout of the measured pressure. The multi-colored set point indicators provide a quick and clear overview of the set point relay status. Units are selectable and can be displayed in either Torr, mbar, or Pascal. The PDR900 features various display modes that allow the user to display pressure in an analog bar graph readout or show set point status information.

Data Capture and Analysis

The built-in data logging tool allows the user to perform measurement acquisitions and eliminates the need for a separate PC and software. The measurements are logged to the internal non-volatile memory with a capacity of 450 measurements. The data logger can be programmed to acquire data from seconds to hours. The time stamped measurements are either viewed on the screen or uploaded to a PC for subsequent analysis or data plotting. The data logger can also be used to perform and document outgassing tests of vacuum chambers by monitoring pressure rise over time.

Power Set Point Relays

The PDR900 has up to three power set point relays, depending on the transducer type. The relays are controlled by the transducer relay contacts, eliminating the need for external power relays. The relay connector has terminal screw connections for quick and easy connectivity.

Digital Communication and Analog Output

The PDR900 is equipped with an RS232 user interface as a standard feature. The communication interface enables remote control of transducer setup as well as transmission of measurement data. The user interface is selected via the controller menu. Additionally, the transducer analog output voltage is available on the rear panel of the PDR900 controller.



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