M2V03VT plasma cleaners/ashers

Customisable plasma chambers for a wide range of plasma treatments
The M2V03VT is a small vacuum plasma treatment system designed to provide a range of plasma services, including hydrophilic/hydrophobic treatment and removal of atomic contamination, for research as well as industrial applications.

The optional vapour delivery inlet can extend the use to liquid precursors and a corrosion resistant work increases the application range to cover material treatments.

Key features

  • reliable and repeatable
  • easy adjustment and monitoring of plasma parameters
  • wide range of options
  • built-in safety monitoring
  • user-friendly


The M2V03VT can be configured to best suit the application. For a full description see the option pdf below. Among the customisable options are:

  • one or two gas input options (argon, oxygen, nitrogen, forming gas for hydrogen gas cracking).
  • flow meter or mass flow controller
  • pyrex or quartz chamber
  • frequencies from 40 kHz to 13,56 MHz
  • heated sample up to 350 centigrade
  • manual or automatic accessories

Recommended applications

  • Plasma cleaning
  • Plasma activation to improve adhesion
  • SEM and TEM sample preparation
  • Plasma etching
  • PDMS & microfluidic devices
  • Textile surface treatment