IMG-100 Inverted Magnetron Gauge

The Agilent IMG-100 Inverted-Magnetron Gauge Tubes produce accurate, repeatable pressure readings and may be used in dirty or corrosive applications. Their measurement performance is similar to that of Bayard-Alpert gauges, but like cold-cathode gauges they are easy to clean and repair, without the limitations that most cold-cathode gauges have. These features make them perfect for use in vacuum furnaces and other industrial systems, where ruggedness is of prime importance.

The Agilent IMG-100 can measure pressures in a range comparable to that of most glass hot-filament gauges.

Key features

  • Design permits broader measurement range, faster startup, superior accuracy and repeatability
  • Compact size for greater installation flexibility
  • Locking high-voltage connector for safety and positive electrical contact



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