HPT-100 & HPT-200

Low cost plasma cleaner
Benchtop plasma treatment systems for surface activation, cleaning and modification of a wide range of materials including polymers, metals, glass and ceramics. Available in single or dual gas inlet versions and with onboard gas mixing manifold, the HPT-100/200 systems are able to handle a wide range of gases for optimised treatments, including air, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, nitrogen and many others.


The HPT-100 system features a 100mm diameter plasma process chamber in stainless steel with vacuum compatible materials throughout, while the HPT-200 features a 200mm diameter plasma process chamber respectively.

The base model of each system has a single gas inlet and optional second gas or vapour delivery inlet. The units can be prepared so that either option can be added at a later time if required, ensuring that future requirements can be accommodated without expensive reconfiguration.

An optional vapour delivery inlet extends the use to liquid precursors and a corrosion-resistant version expands the choice even further to address specific material treatments including;

  • Plasma cleaning
  • Plasma surface activation to improve adhesion
  • Functional plasma coatings
  • Plasma etching
  • PDMS & microfluidic devices
  • PEEK & other engineering polymers
  • PTFE
  • Metals
  • Ceramics
  • Glass & optical devices

Repeatable and Reliable

With precision digital mass flow controllers and integrated pressure gauge, the 100 & 200 models deliver unmatched reliability & repeatability by removing common errors in gas flow and gas type settings which will be familiar to users of equivalent equipment that utilise manual needle valves.


  • Compact benchtop units
  • User friendly
  • TFT interface
  • Recipe store
  • Fast treatment time
  • Precise
  • Repeatable
  • No hazardous emissions

Henniker’s proprietary, high stability HPS plasma generator is continuously variable over the entire 0-100W/0-200W power range rather than being limited to discreet levels, delivering much finer control when processing delicate materials.

Each system is supplied with a 5.7-inch colour touchscreen which provides a rich, user-friendly interface. Variables such as gas flow rate, pressure, power level and plasma processing time can be freely set and then stored to produce a fully interlocked process cycle from a single keypress. A handy status display and end of process audible alarm informs the user of every step in the process.