Broad-beam ion mill system for final polishing and cleaning
The Gentle Mill series of Technoorg has been designed for final polishing, easy cleaning and improving of samples previously treated in standard high-energy ion mills or FIB columns. The patented low-energy ion source and the special sample holder help to reach the ultimate quality for any demand.

Key features

  • Automated operation
  • Final step for perfect result
  • protective transfer capsule
  • Special adaptor for Hitachi microscopes
  • Online monitoring and support

Ion beam workstation for preparing highest quality TEM/FIB samples

  • Fast, reliable method for cleaning and post-processing of TEM and FIB samples
  • User-independent, automated operation with pre-programmed recipes
  • Application in industrial environment
  • Special model for direct application of 3D sample holder of Hitachi’s FIB-STEM/TEM systems