Argus CU

With a Unique 128 Channel Stripe Anode Detector
The new Argus lens design ’Argus CU‘ incorporates a thoroughly optimised compression unit which delivers a line focus at the entrance of the hemisphere. The width of the line focus is – to the first order- independent of slit shape and analysed sample area. This lens design is therefore highly advantageous over conventional analyser lenses.

Key features

  • Excellent Sensitivity
  • Compression Lens
  • True Counting Multi-Anode Detector
  • Linear Response up to the Highest Count Rates
  • Excellent Dynamic Range
  • Snapshot and Dynamic XPS
  • Chemical State Mapping

128 Channel Stripe Anode Detector

Argus CU includes a unique 128 channel stripe anode detector which provides massive parallel detection. Detector channels at the exit of the hemisphere are orientated along the dispersive plane so that they record 128 different energies in parallel while integrating incoming singles along the non-dispersive plane.

Despite of being a dispersive element the analyser´s hemisphere – in a simplified picture – can be reduced to a non-magnifying lens. This means the image in the entrance is projected 1:1 to the exit of the hemisphere.

For multi-channel detectors it is therefore ideal to fill the hemisphere´s entrance with a line shaped electron beam which has similar dimensions as single anode of the multichannel detector.

The Argus CU fulfils this demand by compressing electrons in the non dispersive plane while keeping transmission high.