Single channel active gauge display and control unit
The AGC-100 is a single channel controller compatible with the FRG 7xx, PVG-5xx, PCG-75x and CDG-500 series of active gauges and automatically identifies the active gauge connected. The AGD-100 is a low cost single channel display option for the FRG-700/702, PVG-5xx and PCG-75x series of active gauges.

Both units have user selectable measurement unit (mbar, Torr, Pascal), and adjustable setpoint control. Both units can also display readings from almost any competitor’s Pirani and cold cathode gauges.

Key features

  • Simplified setup with automatic identification of Agilent active gauges
  • Universal compatibility with user-selectable pressure units (mbar, Torr, Pascal)
  • Utilize pressure readings to perform critical operations
  • AGC-100 has interface options including USB and ethernet
  • Compatible with almost any competitor’s Pirani, cold cathode, hot cathode, and capacitance diphragm gauges



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