1-25000 Torr general purpose absolute Baratron® capacitance manometer
The 722C is a compact, low-cost manometer for accurate, repeatable, and reliable measurement. Robust sensor construction allows high overpressure tolerances, reducing errors caused by line pressure spikes. The flexible, space-saving design of the 722C makes it the ideal solution for retrofit applications as well as new equipment designs.

Key features

  • Small footprint reduces system size
  • Overpressure limit assures no degradation in zero repeatability or performance
  • All-metal, all-welded construction exposing only Inconel and stainless steel for high corrosion resistance
  • “Drop-in” replacement for several earlier Baratron manometers

Baratron® Capacitance Manometer Technology

Capacitance manometers are electro-mechanical gauges that can measure both pressure and vacuum. The capacitance gauge translates a pressure-modulated movement in a thin diaphragm into an electrical signal proportional to the pressure. The pressure sensor is the thin diaphragm that is exposed to the pressure or vacuum being measured via the inlet tube. An electrode is mounted in the reference cavity behind the diaphragm. Pressure differences between the process and the reference cavity deflect the diaphragm slightly, changing the distance between it and the electrode. Variations in this distance produce variations in the capacitance between the diaphragm and the electrode creating an electrical signal that is proportional to the pressure change. Since differences in the capacitance signal are produced by physical changes within the manometer and not by changes in the gas properties, pressure measurements by the capacitance manometer are independent of the composition of the gas being measured.

Percent of Reading Accuracy

Accuracy is specified as a percent of Reading, not Full Scale, as seen in some of the lower performance devices. Percent of Reading accuracy provides you with an even more accurate output signal in the lower scale of the pressure range, where it is needed most.

Absolute Pressure Measurement

These Baratron® pressure transducers are referenced to vacuum for absolute pressure measurement. Applications include: vacuum furnaces, freeze-drying of fruits and vegetables, gas lasers, automotive component testing, bottle coatings, and vacuum distillation.

Corrosion Resistant Inconel® Construction

All-metal, all-welded construction exposes only Inconel® and stainless steel to the gas media. This allows for high overpressure tolerances that reduce errors due to line pressure spikes. High burst pressure ratings contribute to overall system safety.

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