423 I-Mag Cold Cathode

Vacuum Pressure Sensors
Using an inverted magnetron design, 423 I-Mag vacuum pressure sensors can operate at pressures as low as 10-10 Torr with the proper controller which is much lower than a traditional Penning cold cathode sensor. This increased pressure range makes the Cold Cathode sensors ideal for for OEM or industrial use.

Key features

  • Wide pressure measurement range 10-10 to 10-2 Torr
  • No adjustment in emission current or filament voltage required
  • No need to degas the gauge and no filaments to burn out
  • Sensor tubes can be mounted in any position without affecting reading
  • Cleaning of sensor is easy with a demountable tube

Second Feedthrough for Ion Collection

A unique design feature of the Cold Cathode sensors is a second feedthrough for ion collection. In an ordinary single feedthrough design, any current leakage between the anode and ground would result in pressure measurement errors. Only the ion current from the cathode contributes to a measurement reading in a dual feedthrough design, making it ideal for process monitoring.

No Filament to Burn Out

With no filament to burn out, these cold cathode sensors are not ruined by sudden inrushes of air and are resistant to vibration damage. Additionally, there is no need to adjust the emission current or to degas the gauge, reducing response time to pressure changes.


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