Resolving in- and out-of-plane electron spin
The 3D VLEED single transfer system allows resolving the out-of-plane as well as both in-plane spin components without the use of a spin-rotator. In addition, successful spin measurements require high-quality ARPES measurements to verify sample properties and ensure critical sample alignment.

Thus it is beneficial to avoid sample movements when switching from ARPES to spin-resolved measurements. With the DA30-L’s unique capability to quickly scan both Θx and Θy while providing the highest energy resolution, sample movements are eliminated and spin-resolved spectra can be collected for all points in k-space of the ARPES measurement.

Key features

  • Resolves out-of-plane as well as both in-plane spin components
  • Detector plane mount with 40 mm MCP detector for combined ARPES measurements
  • Single hole output for spin analysis
  • Transfer lens with two orthogonal channels offers truly orthogonal spin vectors
  • Exchangeable transfer lens entrance aperture for tuning of resolution
  • High-speed switching between transfer lens channels