275 Convectron Convection-enhanced Pirani

Vacuum Pressure Sensors
The Granville-Phillips 275 Convectron Pirani Vacuum Gauges have been the world-standard convection-enhanced Pirani gauge for over 35 years and are used in thousands of vacuum processes to accurately measure pressure from atmosphere to 10-4 Torr. To assure the highest level of accuracy and gauge-to-gauge reproducibility, every Convectron gauge is individually calibrated at the factory, thereby making controller adjustment unnecessary.

Key features

  • Wide vacuum pressure measurement range from atmosphere to 1×10-4 Torr
  • Individually calibrated gauges assure the highest measurement performance
  • Easy installation in space-restricted locations
  • Temperature compensation offsets the effects of ambient temperature changes
  • Wide selection of vacuum fittings simplifies installation on your vacuum system

Convection-enhanced Pirani Gauge

Convectron gauges are a unique variation of thermal conductivity gauges where pressure measurement is based on the rate of heat loss from a sensor wire. Unlike traditional thermocouple and Pirani gauges that use only conductive heat loss, Convectron gauges take advantage of heat loss due to convection at higher pressures. This extends the range of accurate, repeatable measurement to atmosphere. The Convectron gauge delivers fast response time – in milliseconds – compared to thermocouple-type gauges that respond in seconds.



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