Elastomer-sealed 50 to 300 slm mass flow controller
The 1579A is a digital mass flow controller of the latest generation developed for a multitude of applications in research and industry. The 1579 is based on proven MKS technology and offers a fast controller settling time as well as high accuracy in the entire control range.

For example, this makes it possible to integrate the 1579 into fast cycle processes in which the idle time for the stabilization of the process conditions has to be minimal and reproducible.

Key features

  • Flow rates from 50 to 300 slm
  • Elastomer sealed
  • Less than 1 second settling time
  • Analog (0 to 5 VDC) and digital (Profibus) I/O options
  • Multiple Supply Voltages 24 VDC and ±15 VDC
  • Storage of up to 15 Gas Tables

Compact Footprint

Because of its compact design, the 1579 may be used in space saving gas panel systems. The electrical connections are made with D-Sub connectors for both Analog and Profibus versions, in conformance with all CE regulations. While MFC applications in research and development typically use local analog power supply/readouts, many industrial applications are moving to digital bus-compatible communications and power distribution. The 1579 meets both of these requirements.

Profibus DP Communications

In 1997, MKS Instruments was the first manufacturer to develop a Profibus standard for Mass Flow Controllers with the 1179A. The 1579 follows this standard with respect to both the interface and the communications. Further advances in digital electronics and flow design have allowed the development of a coordinated product line using digital processing with both analog and digital interfaces ranging from a minimum of flow rate of 0.2 sccm in the 1179B to a maximum of 300 slm in the 1579.

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