Rowaco is certified to ISO 9001

More than one million organizations worldwide are independently certified, making ISO 9001 one of the most widely used management tools in the world today. The certification is a responsible action towards our customers, personnel and owner. ISO 9001 is an assurance of quality of the company’s management system. It also focus on a continuous work on improvements.

ISO 9001 focuses on the management system and it’s ability to produce an economic and business value for the company.

During the certification for ISO 9001 the following items are audited:

  • Company managements responsibility and commitment.
  • Results of the activity goals.
  • Customer viewpoints.
  • Internal revisions.
  • Analyze of gathered information.
  • Corrective and preemptive as well as improvement measures.

An ISO-certification requires the company’s quality work being reviewed by third party, an independent auditor. Bureau Veritas Certification has performed the audit of Rowaco and will continue following audits at regular intervals. To maintain a certification the company must be approved in audits 1–2 times per year.