Rowaco is certified to ISO 14001

A dedicated environmental commitment has made us at Rowaco certified to ISO 14001. It has been made possible with a great involvement by our personnel. Educational efforts and checklists for the company operations has been carried out.

ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental management in the world today. A company certified to ISO 14001 has to live up to high standards and manage their environmental work in an intentional and sophisticated way.

  • A certification to ISO 14001 requires from the company:
  • A full environmental inquiry.
  • The environmental work is documented and accounted for.
  • Compliance to laws and regulations within the environmental area.
  • A company policy for environmental work and concrete environmental goals and an action plan for how that policy is satisfied.
  • A continuous effort to better the environmental standards in the company.

An ISO-certification requires the company’s environmental work being reviewed by third party, an independent auditor. Bureau Veritas Certification has performed the audit of Rowaco and will continue following audits at regular intervals. To maintain a certification the company must be approved in audits 1–2 times per year.