Turbo-V 2K-G

Turbo Pumps
The Agilent high throughput turbomolecular pump, Turbo-V 2K-G, is a dedicated vacuum pumping system, designed specifically as a turbo pump for thin film deposition equipment.

Its pumping stages, and the entire pump structure, are optimized to work with very high flows of Argon under high temperature load.

This robust turbo pump is suitable for harsh manufacturing environments because of its rugged design. Typical industrial vacuum coating applications include physical vapor deposition (PVD), solar and flat panel display manufacturing.

The pump’s robust design and its advanced electronics, rack type or onboard solution, make the Agilent Turbo-V 2K-G the optimum pumping solution for the vacuum coating industry.

Key features

  • The first application-specific pumping solution designed for thin film deposition equipment
  • The highest performing, most compact unit available
  • The first fully integrated approach for maximum system productivity and uptime
  • Integrated package includes Turbo Molecular Pump, Drive Electronics, Power Supply, MoniTorr, Purge Gas and Communication
  • Versatile electronics interface with easy to use control Software Analog I/O signals and RS232 / RS485 interface as standard
  • Agilent Profibus interface (optional)
  • Utilizes Agilent’sA-PLUS software (formerly T-plus)



KRISTIAN FLODSTRÖM Product specialist Vacuum technology 010-155 03 11