TTX + SC + R1

TETRAXE configuration example
In this example a manually actuated TETRAXE with 250mm stroke and +/-15mm X & Y motion has been combined with  a service collar and magnetically-coupled rotary feedthrough to provide rotation of a shaft.

X&Y Motion

Manually actuated +/- 15mm X & Y travel.

Z Translation

Manually actuated 250mm Z translation.


Manual +/- 2 degree tilt integrated in to the mounting flange.

Rotation 1 (Primary Shaft Rotation)

Manually actuated continuous 360 degree rotation of the shaft.

Extended Bearing Housing

Providing shaft support and improved rotational concentricity.

Service Collar

Providing feedthroughs for power, thermocouple, cooling and biasing.

TTX Key Features

  • TETRAXE provides the perfect platform to build complex manipulators
  • CF40, CF63 & CF100 flange options
  • Z translation to 300mm
  • X&Y manipulation up to +/-15mm


KRISTIAN FLODSTRÖM Product specialist Vacuum technology 010-155 03 11