Troubleshooting and corrective measures
There are lots of potential reasons why a piece of equipment stops working properly. In the best case scenario, you know exactly which part needs to be replaced or what needs to be fixed. Other times, you need to troubleshoot the instrument thoroughly before the correct measures can be taken.

We offer support throughout the process, from the initial troubleshooting to the finished repair. Contact us for more detailed information.

Instruments that we routinely repair include

  • vacuum pumps (several types)
  • ultramicrotomes (RMC Boeckeler)
  • rotary microtomes (RMC Boeckeler)
  • spectrometers (MKS Instruments)
  • leak detectors (Agilent)
  • coaters (Quorum)

Depending on the root cause, some instruments may need to be returned to the manufacturer for repair. If that is the case you will be notified well in advance. You can always contact us for information on what applies to your equipment.

Please note that no service measures will begin before we receive a filled-out copy of the Health and Safety form (see Related documents below).

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