Powertome FL

Ultramicrotome with fluorescence detection system
With an ultramicrotome-mounted microscope, capable of imaging fluorescent cells in the block during trimming and sectioning, this system is ideal for correlative microscopy.


The system enables resin embedded samples prepared with in-resin fluorescence protocols to be quickly evaluated and the region of interest identified during sectioning.

The region of interest is isolated utilising the PTFL location system, a mini fluorescence microscope with a digital camera and LED excitation, integrated into the Powertome ultramicrotome.

The system can sequentially image the block surface during trimming until the ROI is revealed. The researcher can then collect ultrathin sections of only the region of interest for subsequent TEM, SEM or volume EM by serial sectioning and array tomography, serial block face SEM or FIB/SEM.

The Powertome FL is the result of a collaboration between the Francis Crick Institute and RMC Boeckeler.

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