Portable contact angle meter
The PGx is a fully automated portable contact angle meter that measures surface wetting and absorption in-situ on virtually any size or shape of the surface.


The PGx Portable Contact Angle Measurement Meter is trusted in a wide range of industries and especially suited to the evaluation of samples both before and after plasma treatment, being fully compliant with official test methods ASTM D-724 and ASTM D-5946.

With a footprint of only 90mm x 55mm and weighing just 400g, it is the smallest contact angle meter available, with features previously found only in larger laboratory instruments. The PGx enables direct surface testing of almost any 3D object without having to cut the sample to fit. Simply place the PGx Portable Contact Angle Meter on your sample or part and press a single button.

The PGx automatically delivers a precisely calibrated drop onto the surface and the built-in camera captures a video sequence of the surface wetting at a rate of 80 frames per second. The results are displayed as a static contact angle or dynamic wetting as a function of time, providing detailed information about the liquid/substrate interaction in a truly portable instrument.


  • 0.2uL to 10uL droplet size
  • Touch down, impact and manual drop application modes
  • Built-in, automatic calibration
  • Automatic sampling in both Static and Dynamic modes
  • adhesion (glueing, bonding)
  • absorption
  • surface contamination (cleaning)
  • wettability (printing, painting, coating


KRISTIAN FLODSTRÖM Product specialist Surface technology 010-155 03 11