AGD-100 Controller

Gauge Controller
The AGC-100 is a single channel controller compatible with the FRG 7xx, PVG-5xx, PCG-75x and CDG-500 series of active gauges and automatically identifies the active gauge connected. The AGD-100 is a low cost single channel display option for the FRG-700/702, PVG-5xx and PCG-75x series of active gauges.
Both units have user selectable measurement unit (mbar, Torr, Pascal), and adjustable setpoint control.

Key features

  • Simplified setup with automatic identification of Agilent active gauges
  • Universal compatibility with user-selectable pressure units (mbar, Torr, Pascal)
  • Utilize pressure readings to perform critical operations



KRISTIAN FLODSTRÖM Product specialist Vacuum technology 010-155 03 11