Micro-Ion® Plus modular vacuum pressure transducers (atmosphere to 10-9 Torr) with multiple communication options
The 392 Micro-Ion® Plus is a second generation full range pressure measurement module that combines industry-standard Micro-Ion® ionization gauge technology with a miniature Pirani Conductron® heat-loss sensor to provide accurate, continuous pressure measurement from high vacuum to atmosphere.

Key features

  • Continuous pressure measurement from 10-9 Torr to atmosphere
  • Dual ionization gauge filaments that increase equipment uptime
  • EtherCAT®, RS-485 and DeviceNet™ have optional setpoint relays for process control
  • Automation of ionization gauge activation and deactivation
  • Field replaceable gauge assembly for low Cost-of-Ownership

Analog Output and Digital Interface

The full range pressure measurement is output as a single analog signal or is available through optional RS-485, DeviceNet™ or EtherCAT® digital interfaces. Up to three optional set point relays are available, they can be configured for process control with the ability to assign the relays at any pressure across a broad vacuum spectrum. The Series 392 Micro-Ion® Plus is available with or without display, and can be configured with a wide variety of flanges.

Micro-Ion® and Pirani Conductron Sensor Technology

The Series 392 Micro-Ion® Plus combines Granville-Phillips® industry-standard and application-tested Micro-Ion® ionization sensor with an innovative miniature Pirani Conductron sensor in a single gauge assembly envelope that is attached to a compact electronics control module. This compact modular design reduces the number of separate gauges, vacuum interfaces, cabling and control electronics that are typically required for full range pressure measurement. The full range pressure measurement is output as a single analog signal or is available through optional serial RS-485 or DeviceNet™ digital interfaces.

Integrated Gauge Assembly Electronic Memory

This second generation Micro-Ion® Plus has integrated gauge assembly electronic memory that contains factory-calibration information. The electric memory is used by the control module to provide factory-level calibration accuracy for new and replacement gauges, and track gauge-tube usage information so the MKS service team can quickly understand your application environment. The miniature Pirani Conductron delivers improved accuracy through better thermal management within the gauge envelope. Finally, the Series 392 and Series 390 Micro-Ion® ATM now share a common platform for improved product quality through high-volume manufacturing.

Field-Replaceable Gauge Assembly

The vacuum gauge assembly can quickly and easily be replaced in the field using only a screwdriver after removal from the vacuum system. Integrated electronic gauge assembly calibration information ensures replacement gauge accuracy and repeatability.



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