Micro-Ion® vacuum gauge controller
The Granville-Phillips® 358 Micro-Ion® Vacuum Gauge Controller is designed to obtain the highest performance from Granville-Phillips® Micro-Ion® Gauges. It is capable of measuring from a lower limit in the 10-10 Torr range to 5×10-2 Torr. Pressure measurement range can be extended to Atmosphere with the Dual Convectron® Vacuum Gauge Option.

Key features

  • Compact, reliable, rack-mount controller for optimum Micro-Ion® Gauge performance
  • Pressure measurement from 3×10-10 Torr to 5×10-2 Torr
  • Dual Convectron® Gauge option extends the measurement range to Atmosphere
  • RS-232 or RS-485/422 computer interface options
  • Process control options with up to six setpoint relays and manual override

This reliable controller is compact and easy to use. The extruded aluminum, half-rack design fits easily into your control rack. Infrequently used controls are located behind the front panel door to provide an uncluttered appearance. Large, bright green, flicker-free LED digital displays make measurements easy to read – even from a distance.

The Series 358 controller can be configured to meet your specific system requirements. Up to 6 set point relays can be used to control a variety of system functions such as switching valves, setting interlocks, and setting alarms. Integration into computer-controlled systems is also possible through the use of RS-232 or RS-485/422 interface options.

  • Optimized Micro-Ion® Gauge Performance: The controller is designed specifically to obtain optimum performance from a Micro-Ion Gauge. With the proper emission current settings, Micro-Ion Gauges can be operated from 5×10-10 to 5×10-2 Torr.
  • Convenient, Option-Rich, Half-Rack Controller: Halfrack design saves space in your control rack. The controller can be configured to your requirements with numerous optional features, including dual Convectron® Gauge readout, process set point relays, and digital interfaces. The extruded aluminum case provides a high level of immunity to electrical noise and is fully CE compliant.
  • 3-Line Digital Display: Bright, easy-to-read, flicker-free, green LED displays allow the user to monitor all three pressure readings at a single glance.
  • Dual Convectron® Option: Provides accurate and reliable vacuum pressure measurements from 10-4 Torr (10-4 mbar, 10-2 Pa) to atmosphere at two locations on your vacuum system. The Convectron® Gauge reading can be used to automatically turn on the Micro-Ion® Gauge.
  • Improved Economy: The modular design enables users to purchase only the required capabilities without paying for features that they do not want or need. Fieldreplaceable option boards allow for easy upgrading as needs change.
  • Process Control Options: Up to six process control set point relays are available to control other vacuum equipment and provide safety interlocking. These digitally controlled relays are stable and easy to adjust. A manual override capability helps with system set-up and maintenance.
  • Computer Interface Options: A RS-232 or RS-485/422 interface allows easy integration with computer-controlled systems.
  • Universal Power Supply: Works with any AC supply voltage between 90 and 240 Volts.

Series 355 Micro-Ion® Gauges

The 355 Micro-Ion Gauge is the world’s smallest ionization gauge where pressure measurement is based on the amount of ion current that is generated when energized electrons collide with gas molecules in the gauge. High performance in a small volume is achieved through a number of enhancements including its patented dual ion collector design that optimizes electron motion and ion collection. Dual filaments provide extended lifetime by running both filaments simultaneously at a lower current, and avoid unscheduled downtime by using the second filament as a backup. Ultra-clean construction, including vacuum firing of all components and assembly in a Class 100 cleanroom environment ensures rapid, repeatable response during vacuum chamber pumpdown.

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