Micro-Ion® Hot-cathode Bayard-Alpert Ionization Vacuum Gauges

Key features

  • Small size that allows for easy installation in complex, tightly packed vacuum systems
  • Rugged, all-metal design that eliminates costly downtime due to glass breakage
  • Wider usable range compared to glass gauges
  • Dual burn-out resistant filaments that provide long life for increased uptime
  • Lower power requirements that result in less heat generation

The Micro-Ion® Gauge is the world’s smallest ionization gauge where pressure measurement is based on the amount of ion current that is generated when energized electrons collide with gas molecules in the gauge. High performance in a small volume is achieved through a number of enhancements including its patented dual ion collector design that optimizes electron motion and ion collection. Dual filaments provide extended lifetime by running both filaments simultaneously at a lower current, and avoid unscheduled downtime by using the second filament as a backup. Ultra-clean construction, including vacuum firing of all components and assembly in a Class 100 cleanroom environment ensures rapid, repeatable response during vacuum chamber pumpdown.

Series 358 Micro-Ion® Gauge Controller

The Series 358 Micro-Ion® Controller is designed specifically to obtain the highest performance from the Micro-Ion Gauge. It is capable of measuring from a lower limit in the 10-10 Torr range (10-10 mbar, 10-8 Pa) to 5×10-2 Torr (7×10-2 mbar, 7 Pa). Pressure measurements can be extended to atmosphere with the Dual Convectron® Gauge Option.

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