Environmental policy

Rowaco is a privately-owned company focused on research and development in industry and academia. We offer products, services and counselling in the fields of Gas analysis, Vacuum technology, Microscopy and surface analysis, Process Technology and Cryo Technology.

We see an active engagement in environmental quality assurance as a self-evident part of all the processes in the company. We shall therefore:

  • By expanding and further developing our product line for gas analysis, contribute to decreased pollution from burning and combustion processes.
  • Create good prerequisites for an environment friendly adaptation of waste management.
  • Work for a high level of environmental awareness among our suppliers and partners.
  • Ensure that our products and the equipment we use are manufactured to prevent leakage and pollution.
  • Work on a long-term basis with our efforts for improvement, in which internal and external requirements and applicable legislation concerning the environmental aspects of the company are taken into account and followed.

July, 2020