About us

Rowaco is a privately owned company with a focus on development and research within industries and higher education e.g. universities. We provide products, consulting and service/maintenance within the areas of vacuum technology, deposition, gas analysis, gas handling, microscopy and sample preparation, surface analysis and spectroscopy, and cryo technology.

Our goals

Rowaco strives, within all areas, to have good and long-term relationships with customers and suppliers alike. We regard an active involvement in quality assurance work to be self-evident in all of the company’s processes. Our goals are therefore:

  • Allow for clear and measurable goals to serve as guiding principles in the continuous work for improvement.
  • Be an efficient and customer-oriented organisation.
  • Ensure that all members of staff in the company take full responsibility for quality assurance within their own areas.
  • In close cooperation with customers and suppliers develop and improve our services and products.
  • Put the requirements and expectations of the customer at the centre of focus.


Rowaco was established. In the beginning it was purely an agency firm. Along with the increase of customer requirements more complete solutions were delivered.

The company changed ownership and, in part, orientation. In addition to the existing product portfolio, Rowaco also started to deliver turn-key measuring and analysis systems for emission control.