FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra Red) is a method that utilizes infra-red light and an Michelson interferometer in order to simultaneously sample light over the whole spectrum. The technique has been proven as an powerful tool for measurements of gas concentrations at percentage and ppm levels or even down to ppb. It is possible to measure 20-30 gas componuds accurately simultaneously.

Applications of FTIR:

  • emission control
  • engine development
  • flue-gas analysis
  • process control


FTIR Method Development

2-day course given by Rowaco

Gothenburg: February 2-3, 2015
Stockholm: Februari 16-17, 2015

Last day of notification is the 18th of December 2014. För more information and registration, please send an email to marina.broberg@rowaco.se or call +46 (0)13 148790.

FTIR Method Development - 2 day course given by Rowaco